We got 91 problems but fun ain't one.

91 days visiting Australia, Japan, Tasmania and New Zealand.


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There’s the base of the falls!

Standing at the top of the falls at Lake Quill.

We took a helicopter ride the next day over the Milford Track up to the top of the falls. Had no idea there was a LAKE at the top.

Sutherland falls later that evening.

A few minutes after I asked Katie to marry me. We had been pummeled by the waterfall as we went “behind” it. Which was really just “under” it.

At the base of the falls.

Approaching Sutherland falls.

Mossy moss



Waterfalls on the way to the base of the mountain.

More summit pics

We have rainbows, repeat, we have rainbows. Everybody freak out.

This guy brought an umbrella. Which is funny, because he had rain gear.

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